Transfinito edizioni

Giancarlo Calciolari
Il romanzo del cuoco

pp. 740
formato 15,24x22,86

euro 35,00


Giancarlo Calciolari
La favola del gerundio. Non la revoca di Agamben

pp. 244
formato 10,7x17,4

euro 24,00


Christian Pagano
Dictionnaire linguistique médiéval

pp. 450
formato 15,24x22,86

euro 22,00


Jasper Wilson
Burger King

pp. 96
formato 14,2x20,5

euro 10,00


Christiane Apprieux
L’onda e la tessitura

pp. 58

ill. colori 57


cm 33x33



Giancarlo Calciolari
La mela in pasticceria. 250 ricette

pp. 380
formato 15x23

euro 14,00
euro 6,34





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Paolo Pianigiani

And you realize how beautiful it can be when the mouths draw apart, lessening the separation with the last and undecided involutions … almost a greeting to the cave or the throat, a last look to the place of desire and water. Water listened to in the fluid encounter with the walls, the cutting encounter with the teeth, barely perceptible to the passage and suddenly absent, barely apt to sustaining the mouths’ limit, in almost painful contact when the anxieties of discovery linger to seek each other. In the churning of air intakes, words and needs are extinguished, rhythms accord to perceive every surface, details and ripples slide like vynil grooves under a crystal stylus. And movement lingers circular, catches on depths and whirlpools, turns whisper and modulation, lights up when every breath is suddenly cut short and you realize air is not indispensable. You feel it rise inside you with every definite contact, there from the hands insisting on ample or indefinite coves, from the ambitious curve just poised above the vanishing abyss. And it seems to you like a landscape in shadow, that smile lighting up on you when you regain distances and linger hanging on to the hands’ contours to keep sensations alive. And it is with the last cell capable of listening that you then trace on the skin sudden and unknown pathways, you lose yourself in the spell of

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